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In Today\’s Global Atmosphere of Highly Polarized Viewpoints, We Can\’t Afford to Tolerate Divisiveness

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\”In today\’s global atmosphere of highly polarized viewpoints, we can\’t afford to tolerate divisiveness, even in small instances.\”

This is a great quote that I ran across.

What are you entertaining in your heart right now?

The thought of a beautiful day…
or an unkind comment?

Gratitude you spoke with your mom
or overwhelmed by all your email?

Appreciation of the refreshing rain
or grumpy about a grey day?

Upset about a colleague\’s comments
or compassion that perhaps they are troubled by something else, other than you?

Rankled by our government\’s excesses
or grateful for a free country?

Appreciative of breathing and be alive
or just feeling down, for no reason?


Don\’t divide yourself from anyone — or anything — by thinking something divisive. Find the good!