Living and Giving

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\”When we start with an infinite God who is All-In-All — the only creator of the universe, filling all space and consciousness —there simply is no room for anything else and no place where good can be lacking.\” – Todd Goldman, Founder of David and Goliath, clothing company

So much of life depends on where you start.

Are you going to start with being negative, looking at the bad side? No one said life works that way. \”Hey, why don\’t you look at the bad side?\”

Never!  😃😃😃😃😃😃

Start with good. To start stronger, then start with were good originates.

Where does good come from?

For some of us it is nature…

\"aelse_ilovenature_glow_5663_h\"Universal Principles or the Golden Rule…

\"poster\"or God…

or our hearts.

So today instead of going low, go high.

Here are some scenarios to get you started, please add your own. 😃 I love to hear from you!

If you had a skirmish with your husband, you can be angry and justified.

or you can say

\”Thank you for the great relationship I have with my husband. We might have had a tough talk, but that is not the starting point of who we are. Our starting point is from mutual understanding and Love.\”

If you didn\’t get that job?

You could day, \”Life is so hard.\”


\”I am so grateful that door was closed for some reason. Thank you for the opportunity to interview and meet nice people. Now, I am going to rejoice that there is a right position for me, and look forward to seeing what that might be!\”


If we start from the good, expect the good, then that is what fills our space. Fill it today with… you know what! 😃


Todd Goldman is an American entrepreneur and the founder of David and Goliath, a merchandise company that produces clothing, posters, and other merchandise featuring a variety of slogans based on older designs. Goldman borrowed money from his father in order to launch the merchandise company. David and Goliath was launched in 2000, in Clearwater, Florida. Goldman is a self-professed \’professional doodler\’ and is a household name within several industries. His art career began with the forming of D&G. He turned D&G into a multi-million dollar merchandising machine, Goldman transitioned into the fine art world, exploding onto the artistic circuit with his incredibly successful first exhibit in 2004. (Source: Goldman)