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Is Time Off – A Waste of Time? What Top Leaders Need to Know

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\"addtext_com_MTQxOTA5MzA1NjM\"Some people consider that time off is a negative thing.

\”You should be working,\”

they say, or…

\”It\’s a waste of time.\”

Yet the universe has built in us to need time off. We need sleep. There\’s no way to get around it. It means that we are supposed to regenerate. And not just in rest.

You should go read, dance, enjoy a frivolous book, or make chocolate cookie bark for a neighbor. (I just did it for my apartment building!)

But there\’s another kind of time we take off. And it\’s not always good. If you have goofed off, uncompleted tasks, not said what you are going to do… or procrastinated again…

Then taking more time off is simply…

idleness. You didn\’t earn it. 😃 (Although he looks kind of comfortable!)

Those who have worked hard have earned that time. They feel refreshed and take a new focus; they are energized.

\"ug\"Work hard and stop. Then, enjoy! Explore and build yourself in a new way.