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Is Today Just Another Day?

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Is Today Just Another Day?

No, it is most certainly not…

And as a leader – for we are all leaders – in business, nonprofit, government, or a mom or stay-at-home dad, a single person, a roommate, or the President of the United States, we must be clear on Life, and our calling.

Each day is a precious day filled with promise.

We must treat it with joy and care. This morning you may have gotten up and worked out, had some oatmeal and a power bar, headed to work, lunched with colleagues, a late dinner meeting, and then home to feed the dog.

You basically did the same thing yesterday.

Is it the same day as yesterday?

It most certainly isn’t. Each day is filled with promise; yet we must connect to it. That is the essence of life: spreading our joy. And that there is a reason and time to connect with every person and every activity.

Now this doesn’t mean we need to micro-examine every aspect of our day. However, we can ask ourselves these questions, to be soulfully present with our individual calling today.

“Who is the right company to call?

Who needs to hear my message at this time?\”

You might be in sales and have a list of 10 companies to call. But there are certain companies and certain people that need to hear your voice, today. It might be a sale, it might be a new win; but it might be simply spreading joy. Life isn’t just about closing the deal.

When should I go to the grocery store? You aren’t just checking off a list and it isn’t just about buying groceries to feed your family. There is someone there in an aisle or at the check stand who needs your joy.

What time should I go to a dinner that starts at 6? This one’s easy. 😃 We need to be there at 5 minutes before 6 pm – or else we’re late. I’m still working on this one. 😃 I abhor being late and sometimes I still am. It is not good and I need to change. I am getting better.

Each day is filled with promise of spreading love, and this is what we’re here to do. Don’t take your activities, tasks, errands, or meetings with people lightly. Everyday is a precious gift that we’re here and we need to embrace it. Who can I help, simply by my spirit, today?

There is no same old, same old. There is no day in, day out. There is no

It’s just another day.” No, this is today.