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Italian Heritage and Italians Serving the World!

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\"rsz_italy_looking_like_the_flag~Si puo servire e aiutare il mondo di oggi~

Did you know we have the oldest continuous Italian-American Heritage celebration and parade, established in 1868?  I love celebrating different people across our world. It was my honor to feel a part of the Italian Heritage Day in San Francisco! See my photos!



\"images\"\"imgres\"The parade had eighty-five floats — cars and platforms with princesses, dancers, cavalries, long-time Italian families (in Ferraris of course!), Italian politicians, guards, gondolas, and waving Italian mothers (who keep the families together!)

Even more important, Italians have a long line of service. One of my favorites is Emily Bliss Gould, who opened her home in the early 1870\’s to children. Even though she wasn\’t a teacher, she taught them in school and how to provide for themselves. She just wanted to help them actually be able to live life, to survive.

\"imgres\"Renowned singer Andrea Bocelli frequently hosts concerts to help others, such as for the Haitian earthquake, 9-11 and GroundZero, support for the residents of Galilee, and the Indian tsunami. Lucia Apicella, or \”Mamma Lucia,\” was a quintessential Italian mom. She felt called to bury any solders, or to try to deliver them home to their mothers, during the war. 

These are all very kind, different ways to help. And you can, too.

Celebrate Italian Heritage not just because they helped discover our homeland, but because they also serve. 

Below, you can make a difference in an Italian\’s life. 

Si puo servire e aiutare il mondo di oggi 

You can help and serve the world today

World Food Program: Provide a Daily School Meal for a Year 

World Food Program: Provide a Months Supply of Emergency Food to One Person in Need 

Children of the Night: Direct Support of Child Prostitutes

Italian Heritage Background
The first Columbus Day was featured in New York in 1868. Yet San Francisco has the longest continuing Italian Celebration and Parade, starting in 1868 in downtown San Francisco. Back in the early days of California, our San Francisco parade featured all Italian groups, crests, family members, as well as the Garibaldi Guard, Swiss Guards and Lafayette Guards. Discovery of the New World was important to Italians, and America. Denver resident Angelo Noce worked to get recognition of Columbus Day in the late 1800s. The Colorado governor proclaimed it the first statewide holiday in 1905. Following suite, President FDR made it a nationwide holiday. \"images\"