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It’s Okay To Be Second — Even Steph Curry Is!

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Is Steph Curry in second place?

He’s got the NBA record for 3-pointers in a season of 402.

(Photo: USA Today)

He’s a two-time NBA champion and League MVP.

(Ezra Shaw—Getty Images)

That’s pretty impressive—that doesn’t sound like #2!

But here’s where he’s second.

  • 1,108 career steals, which is second place in the Golden Warriors’ record.
  • 4,226 assists—again, second place in the Warriors’ history

Those stats are amazing! They are something to be very proud of.   

So realize in life, there are several ways you might be measured.

In basketball, it might be assists, free throws, three-pointers, steals.

In your profession, it might be the number of new sales deals, EQ, loyalty, how you contribute to the team as a whole.

In life, it might be how often you are punctual, how you treat your husband, how kind you are to people on the street, how you treat your life coach, how much you watch out for your family’s stability, the ways you give back, ways you help your community.

There are a lot of ways that we need to “show up” in life.  In some of those areas, we might be trying really hard, and coming in second.

What do you do? Well, that is actually perfectly fine.

We are not the number one player in everything in Life.  

In not everything do do we achieve A+ or the top mark.

That gives room for all people to succeed. Everyone has different fortes.

We should cherish each person’s ability to shine.

As we are trying hard and doing our best — and doing 10 different things in life — it’s more than okay to reach second place!

Be grateful for all the good you’re doing, be grateful for the opportunity to do good, and also, celebrate the number one, the number three, four, five, six, seven… you get it. 🙂 Everyone has a right place, in each activity.

(Statistics from San Francisco Chronicle, March 11, 2018).