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Leadership Series: Mario Andretti’s Fast Lane To America, Part Three of Four

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This is Part Three of Four in the Series on “Mario Andretti’s Fast Lane to America”.  Please click these links to read parts One and Two.


Thank you for joining our Leadership Series: How To Become a Leader     

We feature real-life stories on how people became successful leaders, so you can too. We show you Practical Steps and Stories to Following Your Passion, leading you to your own success. Our feature today is on Mario Andretti, a world-class racer who started out in a refugee camp. Join us as we continue to explore his life story!

Within 20 years, Mario was a world-renowned racer. He was living his dream, and in America. He was married with children and awards and all. What to do next?

Beautifully and interestingly enough, Mario stayed true to his roots. He still lives in Nazareth, Pennsylvania and still spends time in his garages. He stays humble. He stays grounded. He still loves his cars. His life is very consistent.




“I love spending time in the garages on either side of our house. I have 9 cars in all, including a Lamborghini and a Corvette.”5

-Mario Andretti


So that\’s a good lesson. Even when he can retire, he still pays attention to his cars.  He takes care of them and loves them and drives them.




He drives to his passion and his passion drives his life.   It\’s a great life partnership, one can have with one\’s passion for one\’s entire life!

You can do this too. You call follow your passion, and live your full life.




What a beautiful story. Let\’s find our passion, and stay true to humble dreams. They will happen!

Dreams Are Happening for You,



Stay tuned for Part Four of the Four Part Series “Mario Andretti’s Fast Lane to America” tomorrow!


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