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Learning from Wealthy Givers: How It Affects Our Personal Life (Part Two)

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Learning from Wealthy Givers: How it Affects our Personal Life
Part Two in a Series

We\’re continuing in our blog series, Learning from Wealthy Givers: How it Affects our Personal Life (Read Part One)

As we have talked about philanthropy, the point is about caring for people. It\’s being present, sharing, giving and supporting. These qualities are regardless of how much money we give. And we can certainly do these things without financially donating. So here is the latest trend from wealthy givers, and how it impacts our lives, too.

In the Chronicle of Philanthropy article, wealthy donors changed their gifting based on our challenging economy. The qualities expressed here are: wholistic support, listening, and adjusting.

Donation Adjustments made due to bad economy

• 32% gave more for general operational support
Sometimes we have a view on how we want to give to a friend or colleague. Perhaps we have been helping them in one way. Yet it might be time to support them wholistically as a full person, not just in the way we think or are used to.

• 30% increased donations for special programs at a non-profit
We need to be good listeners. Let\’s be sensitive and turn our attention to an area we can help. This might be a \”special program,\” initiative, or goal in your spouse\’s or child\’s life.

• 29% switched giving priorities

When we know this, we move. We make the change, we make the shift, even if we\’re used to what we do. Get our of our habit, even if it is good.

Philanthropy is the love of people. We can learn from wealthy donors, and how they love of people. Their principles are a great example to us all, in any endeavor!

America’s Wealthiest Donors: How They Give and How they View Non-Profits

From The Chronicle of Philanthropy (Nov. 2012)