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Learning from Wealthy Givers: How It Affects Our Personal Life (Part Three)

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Part Three in a Series

We\’re continuing in our blog series, Learning from Wealthy Givers: How it Affects our Personal Life

This is our last post, which focuses on how we can learn from wealthy givers.  Their actions can be our actions, regardless of whether we are writing a check or not.  It\’s about the qualities we are expressing.

In the Chronicle of Philanthropy article, wealthy donors gave the most to Education at 27%.  Other areas that came up were health, the environment, and international.

We can learn from this focus on Education.  How can we help support someone by learning today?

We could help a child with homework or be a volunteer tutor for a student trying to get their  GED and highschool diploma equivalent.  We can impart an insight with a friend who is struggling, sharing with them on the goodness life has for them.  We can help someone trying to succeed in their entrepreneurial endeavor by \”educating\” them on some of our lessons learned on our journey.

We are all learning, and all growing.  We educate people every day, and they educate us.  Let\’s invest in learning and growing together, each step of the way. Thank you to wealthy donors, and our lessons on how they perform their philanthropy.  Their principles are a great example to us all, in any endeavor!