Living and Giving

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 \”We all share the same Struggle and Love\”  — Brittani Sensabaugh
Brittani Sensabaugh is photographer making a difference.
At one point in life, she was a fashion photographer in NYC.
But she changed her life.  Instead of her life being about clothes, she wanted it to be about the people behind the clothes.  Now she documents people of all backgrounds, colors and ethnicities, letting their story be heard.   She showcases their life.
In seeing how Brittani changed her life and the world, we can ask ourselves similar questions: Are you happy in what you do? Are you good at it?
Maybe it\’s time to stay where you are.
Maybe it\’s time to change.
Regardless, we can help others, change ourselves, and change the world.
As Brittani says,
\”See the common, beautiful life we all share.  And let\’s help each other along the way.\”

Brittani Sensabaugh was born and raised in Oakland, California. Throughout her childhood Sensabaugh thought her calling was through the written word, just like her mother. Her brother always told her to add some visuals into her writing. It wasn\’t until much later that she realized her was right.  In her twenties a new job moved her to New York. She was working as a fashion photographer; a dream job for some, but she was quickly learning to dislike the gig. She soon realized that she was more interested in the people rather than the clothing they wore.
Sensabaugh has made it her mission to explore the truths within the negative perceptions of urban areas in America.