Living and Giving

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You’re probably thinking that I’m telling you to be emotionally vulnerable. That you have a wall up, and you need to let someone in.

Well, that might be true! But what we’re talking about here is letting someone in on the road.






There are more than 31% car crashes caused by people speeding up, rushing, and trying to make a lane change or cut in front of someone when they shouldn’t.More than 31% of crashes are caused by careless or un-thoughtful, too-rushed drivers.


So let’s let someone in.






Let someone in… your lane.


If you’re from the Silicon Valley, New York, or Shanghai (which now has more than 200 million people), you might say, “I don’t have time to let someone in.”


You don’t? Then who’s going to let you in? 🙂






Well we really shouldn’t do it—let someone in in order to that someone else lets us in in the future. That\’s not the purest motive.  We\’re not trying here, to give something back.


We really have to have a pure heart. That means that when we’re driving, we need to be conscientious, we need to slow down, and we need to be grateful.


That means that at each leg of the drive you’re on, try to let someone in. At least, that’s my goal. Every time I get on the road from a busy Silicon Valley area, traveling from San Francisco to San Jose, or vice versa, I try to let someone in. 


I’m still not 100% perfect and I have to remind myself. So it’s important we realize that we’re all on a journey. And it’s hard, for a journey that used to be forty minutes sometimes takes an hour and forty minutes.






But we can still let someone in.

And that means, that you may also be letting someone into your heart.

We can be kind drivers,




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Fig. 1: Photo by Xan Griffin on Unsplash
Fig. 2: Photo by Jan Tinneberg on Unsplash
Fig. 3: Photo by Redouane El Hamidi on Unsplash 
Fig. 4: Photo by Ed 259 on Unsplash