Living and Giving

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\”One time, I was walking through a government building. There were two sets of double doors about fifteen feet apart. They were both automatic doors. When you walked through the first set of doors, you had to let them totally close before the next set of doors would open.

As long as I stayed at that first set of doors, the second set would not open. It\’s the same principle in life. If you\’re sitting around nursing your wounds, feeling sorry for yourself, you\’re not going to see anything new. You\’ve got to let those doors totally close. Let go of the disappointments.\”


This is legacy story. It\’s a practical view on life. We need to move forward.


We can all feel justified by a wrong. We deserve \”x.\”

But we are attaching a past hurt to our future! That dampens and stops our success. It stops you.


Don\’t you want a great new position? Then let go of your current job.

Don\’t you want kind friends around you? Then gently bless, wish well and let go of your wayward friend.

Don\’t you want a thriving marriage? Then gently look toward the future, and let nature wash that pain down the river….

I am looking forward to hearing about your new life, and all your success.

Yes!  -Pamela


Let it all wash away.  


The Scripture says that \”God will give you beauty for ashes. Here\’s the key; you have to let go of the ashes before you can receive the beauty. Ashes represent our broken dreams, failures, disappointments and hurts. We all have our share of ashes. As long as you\’re holding onto the ashes, thinking about the disappointment, mad at somebody, bitter at the past, then you won\’t receive the beauty. An exchange has to take place. It\’s an act of faith to say, \”God, I\’m forgiving this person who hurt me.\” Or, \”I lost my biggest client, but I\’m not going to have a chip on my shoulder.\” \”My friend betrayed me, but I\’m going to keep a good attitude.\” That\’s when God can give you the beauty.

\”…See, I have placed before you an open door that no one can shut…\” (Revelation 3:8, NIV)

These quotes are from Joel Osteen\’s blog post, \”Let the Doors Close\”

Joel Osteen is a native Texan and the Pastor of Lakewood Church. Born in Houston, Texas, Osteen is one of five children of John Osteen and Dolores “Dodie” Pilgrim. His father, a former Southern Baptist pastor, founded Lakewood Church where Osteen is the current senior pastor. For many years, John Osteen encouraged Joel to preach, but he always declined preferring to work behind the scenes. But, in early 1999 Joel felt compelled to accept his father’s invitation and he preached his first sermon on January 17th of that year. Osteen married Victoria in 1987, two years after Osteen met her when he stopped by the jewelry store her father owned. Their two young children, Alexandra and Jonathan, also take an active role in Sunday services.

In 2004, his first book, Your Best Life Now, was released by Time Warner debuting at the top of the New York Times Bestsellers List and quickly rising to #1. It remained on the New York Times Bestseller for more than 2 years and has sold more than 4 million copies. Osteen’s popularity led to him being featured as one of ABC News’ “10 Most Fascinating People of 2006,\” and was named “Most Influential Christian in America” in 2006 by The Church Report.