Living and Giving

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“Although the life of a person is in a land full of thorns and weeds, there is always a space in which the good seed can grow.” – Pope Francis

Does it really matter if you feel you, or your life has towering weeds all around you?


It does not, because you can rise above them.


Hack them down!


Yes, you can. Start clearing a space now for the fertile soil ready to receive your good intentions. Yes, you can be a better mother, an opera singer, finish a 5K, or a adopt a child. Weeds of discouragement and doubt… be gone. If our current Pope used to be a bouncer at a nightclub and is indeed a wonderful man, then it\’s time to let go of your weeds. 🙂




Pope Francis is the current Pope of the Catholic Church, Bishop of Rome, and Sovereign of Vatican City. Born in Argentina and having briefly worked as both a chemical engineer and a nightclub bouncer before beginning seminary studies, he has lived a very interesting life indeed. This Pope has come to represent a more liberal, modern type of Catholic; his views on divorce as sometimes “morally necessary” and belief that climate change is a real threat caused “mainly as a result of human activity” has separated him from more conservative Catholics. More radically, when asked about the status of gay priests, Pope Francis simply said, “Who am I to judge?”

Those 5 words sum up Pope Francis’ openness, modern outlook, and his distancing away from the more moralizing Popes before him. Pope Francis is also distinguished by his humility and sparse way of life. While many Popes of the past lived lavishly and extravagantly, Pope Francis has elected to live in a two-bedroom apartment as opposed to the Apostolic Palace. He has forsaken the papal Mercedes, instead choosing to drive a Ford Focus. He is truly the epitome of a forward-thinking religious leader, and an inspiration to many all over the world.