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Living in the New World We\’d Already Like To See

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I was reading Forbes the other day when I saw an excellent article by Steven Berglas, \”Wake-Up Call For Newly Hatched Entrepreneurs.\”  He writes about changing trends in who is becoming an entrepreneur.  Here\’s a brief excerpt:

Traditional entrepreneurs perceive a need in a marketplace, come up with an innovative solution and build a business around it. This new class–call them newpreneurs–are born of circumstance rather than ability, vision or just something to prove, and they tend to launch new ventures in a different way. That doesn\’t mean they won\’t succeed–it just means they need a different kind of guidance.

He goes on to discuss what it means to be an entrepreneur, and how an entrepreneur should be thinking about their business.  I\’d like to share the comment I left for this article:

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Dear Dr. Berglas,

Thank you for an inspiring and practical article on social entrepreneurs.   It\’s true that we look at disruptions in the marketplace.  Additionally, we also just simply look at making life better for people. Or as one of my fellow entrepreneurs said, creating value. So sometimes I am not sure it always disruptive, but simply and quietly more efficient.  With UniversalGiving for example, we simply just made it easier — and more trustworthy — to give abroad.

I can see how very erudite and knowledgeable people may not always be the best entrepreneurs.  Perhaps they are living very presently in this world and hanging on to what they know.  As entrepreneurs, sometimes I think we are already visioning, living, two steps in the door — to a new world we\’d love to see. 🙂

Thank you again for a lovely article.

Warmly, Pamela