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Living One\’s Beliefs

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A recent Social Edge discussion called The Silence of the Churches tackled the question of social entrepreneurs\’ spiritual and moral inspirations–why aren\’t they discussed more often?  And should they be?

I decided to share a few thoughts on my own beliefs, and how they relate to UniversalGiving.

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What an enriching discussion – and a challenging one to enter into. UniversalGiving is not a faith-based organization, and we have a policy against having organizations who promote a certain faith from being on our site. We do this to protect people from proselytizing or making any of our visitors to our site feel uncomfortable or violated. We want people to give and volunteer freely according to the issue they are inspired by. With that, we don\’t always know their motivation.

Having said that, part of my work is inspired by my religious and spiritual background. I only share it when asked. While I am of a particular group, I truly enjoy and celebrate different religions. I love to see the commonalities amongst them, as most religions are seeking to follow principles of Truth and Love.

I also understand that some people might feel I am not taking a strong enough stand for my beliefs. For me, standing for Principle means doing the right thing, and that to me here means following my own personal calling to be a loving, truthful person, and, sharing these beliefs when I am prompted or asked. Otherwise, I strive, where I can, to live them. My 97 year old Oma, my grandmother who was one of the most amazing people I have ever met, taught me that.  🙂 (Read more about her in my blog post: Freedom\’s Love.)

Having said that… we did a very interesting anonymous diversity survey at UniversalGiving. Just to share some details, we had one Christian, one Christian Scientist, one Jewish person, and then 60% + were agnostic, atheist, and agnostic atheist. So we are striving to be sensitive as to what that means for our culture.

At the heart of all of this… I believe people are good, and are doing good. I love to see that and celebrate it. I love to thank them for the good they are doing, and for all the good in the universe.

Thank you for bringing up what many consider a tough topic. It\’s wonderful to have transparent comments… ideas on my post? I look forward to them.