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\”Make an Effort to Make People United\” – Shohei Takagi, Intern at UniversalGiving

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One of the things I love most about UniversalGiving, is our team.
Every day we learn, are inspired and grow from our team. And that\’s especially true of our interns.

One of the questions we ask in our interview is:

\”Please tell us about a challenge you were able to overcome.\”

And here was Shohei Takagi, our Japanese intern\’s response:
\”My challenge was when I was playing baseball. I belonged to a baseball team in my high school. We had a lot of things that we had to improve. The biggest problem was uniting us as one team. So, I tried to hold meetings twice a week because I thought that we needed to talk about what we should do for being a great team. And I made sure that each of us had to share thoughts and ideas at least once so that we could understand each other deeply. In the beginning, we had lots of arguments, but we could gradually respect each other. Now that we can whatever we think in our mind each other and improve as teammates and rivals. Even though I wasn\’t a captain of the team, it was my unforgettable accomplishment I\’ve done in my life. I learned that I need to make an effort continually to make people united.\”
Every day, we should make an effort to help people be united.  Shohei, thank you for your efforts to do that, and for encouraging us to do the same.