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The Pamela Positive: Michael Douglas\’ Little Pieces of Innocence…and Unequivocal Love

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“Do you know what absolute happiness is?  For me, it is to wake up to my kids in the morning—these little pieces of innocence—to wake them and find they’re so happy to see me!  It is unequivocal love, no question about it.”

Although Michael Douglas is facing a challenging time with his health, he shows us all what our priorities should be.  Thank you, Michael, for valuing what is important in life.  We wish continued health and happiness for you and your family.

Michael Douglas is an actor, best known for starring in Basic Instinct, Fatal Attraction and Wall Street, for which he won an Oscar for Best Actor.  He is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones.  They have two children together, and Douglas also has a third child from a previous marriage.  Douglas is a United Nations Messenger of Peace, with a focus on nuclear disarmament and human rights.