Living and Giving

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\"addtext_com_MTg0NjU5MTYyOTY5\"Beautiful sprays spiritual seed of sending
Without outstretched communion and unqualified lending

Leaping indefinably to unjudgmented place
Glorifying by understanding unending.

My dandelion state, how beautiful patched way!
Small umbrellaed thoughts caressing without stay

I would follow your slightest heed.
Because Sprit lent this seed sown:
and self-giving benefits from cancelled need.

Oh my Dandelion State! I would return often. It is blessed the moment purest components both belate.

I would melt with your flying to be relieved of any grey;
I would soar without trying: live what I hoped pray.

Flutter aimed; spreading sprit through spore
Glitter impartial from a resplendent inner core

Peacefully planted act then with alacrity
Gracefully granted I now see all I am to be.

August 30, 1994. Manhattan Beach. Day before USC classes begin!