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Not You Win—But They Win

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One positive trend we\’ve been seeing lately is an increased focus on customer service.  I read a wonderful article on this subject in The Financial Post, by Rick Spence.  In \”What Are You Doing for Your Customers?\” Rick describes how \”more companies are recognizing that loyal and engaged customers are their best asset. In the wake of the recession, many companies are making in-depth customer knowledge and outstanding customer experience their No. 1 priority.\”

Here was my response to Rick\’s article.

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Dear Rick,
I recently read your article in The Financial Post, and appreciate your wise advice on the importance of customer service.  I think customer service becomes especially valuable during this difficult economic time. In most relationships, we think about Win-Win. But for now, I think it\’s smart for businesses to think about “They Win.”

It\’s smart to think about what a potential client needs, not what your business needs. That\’s hard to do, as everyone would like to build their business and increase sales. Yet in this economic time, relationships are built slower. Close times are longer.

So it\’s good to start with them. As always, we have to cultivate that long-term relationship. Find out what is important to the customer, and if we can help them, do it. In the longrun, it will come back to benefit the organization. Caring about a potential client’s needs in a very holistic, selfless way will come back to help.

Pamela Hawley