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Classic Pamela Positive: NUMBER ONE THING TO BE HAPPY – Part II

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Your coworker is brusque and borderline rude.  

Do you comment on what a downer it is?
Have compassion and see another side? Something else might be going on, not work related.

Your roommate doesn\’t listen.

Do you get frustrated?
Look for the positives they give to your home?

Your new bouquet of flowers wilts early.

Are you upset at the grocery store?
Grateful they gave you joy for a few days, and press them into dried flowers?

Are you astounded by the driver who just cut you off, or grateful you are safe?

Upset you lost your cellphone, or grateful for the people helping you search for it?

Angry your friend forgot to invite you, or grateful when they do?

Miffed your pianist showed up late, or grateful they showed up?

Complaining that the rain wrecked your day, or refreshed by the clean earth?

Disappointed your client didn\’t buy your new service, or grateful they are a client?

Annoyed you are low on gas, or grateful you have a car to drive?

Every day, it\’s your choice.


\”It is purity. You must be looking for good and glorifying good — in all that you do.\”
-Grey T. Full

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