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Last week, I was at Duke University speaking to students and professors about Social Entrepreneurship and promoting Dear Pamela. Here is a thank you email I received from an inspired student and aspiring social innovator. At UniversalGiving, we always try to keep the one-on-one communication.

Krystelle really wanted to meet in person. She was so kind to come to the hotel before I left for the flight.  We had the most heartfelt conversation, and in French because she\’s from Haiti!

Take the time for one-on-one.   Let\’s be there for people.


Dear Ms. Pamela Hawley,

My name is Krystelle and today I heard you speak in Matt Nash\’s social innovation class. I was captivated right away by your advice and genuinely enthusiastic presence and felt compelled to reach out to you – first to thank you for being such a strong force and role model as a woman accomplishing great things who in a matter of minutes made another young woman with big aspirations feel like anything is possible with the right mindset and plan. 

I also would like to ask if you would be willing to meet for a chat. I feel like I would be able to learn so much from hearing more about your journey as a social entrepreneur. I\’m a senior at Duke this year and my heart is set on being a social entrepreneur. I would love to be able to talk to you about how you made it as I prepare myself to make the same kind of impact.

Thank you for speaking today and for inspiring me! I hope to meet with you soon.