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“Few men during their lifetime come anywhere near exhausting the resources dwelling within them. There are deep wells of strength that are never used.”

Richard E. Byrd 

American naval officer and explorer.

There is great potential within us.

Unfortunately, only a small percentage of people utilize their potential maximally. Not many of us are able to believe that light can exist behind a dark situation. Many are those who give up on facing the challenge. 

But we forget that nothing will be handed to us….We must struggle and tussle in order to celebrate the fruits of our potential.

Even in the face of adversity, we must never relent. We must never give up. 

We must always try hard. Because at the end of it all, the effort ends up paying us. 

Think of this: What if Thomas Edison gave up, upon getting fired from his first two jobs? We would probably not be talking about the light bulb invention. Edison didn’t give up: He decided to venture into an invention that now provides light –  to billions of the world’s households and streets. 

Yet, the invention wasn’t an easy ride.   

He failed 1000 times before succeeding in the 1001st trial. 

It’s all about the mindset. He didn’t interpret the 1000 unsuccessful attempts as a failure but instead, referred to the “failures” as “steps toward the light bulb invention.” 

That should be the mindset. 

That should be the attitude. 

And that’s how to utilize the strength with us. 

You might have tried a project and failed. Don’t remain there. Wake up and shake off the dust and try again.  Your potential is incredibly great. Be like Edison.

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All of us have great potential but it does require extra-ordinary effort and resilience to unleash it. Therefore, the next moment you feel overpowered by challenges, give it a second thought. Think positively about it  – and never give up. Always remember – the bigger the challenges, the greater the success. 

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Let us be challenged by Richard Byrd who is telling us that “There are deep wells of strength that are never used.” He certainly demonstrated that through Antarctic expeditions.  He faced freezing temperatures, pushing the limit exploring these desolate, beautiful places with few resources, a very small team, and many naysayers.  But he pushed through and gave us inspiration, encouraged us to explore, and made his life one of exploring unchartered territories.  

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You may think your life is smaller.  No, every life is a beautiful life.  So let’s utilize our potential by making ourselves, and the world, a better place.   By digging into the strength within you, you can rise higher.  We are cheering you to find your own unchartered territory.  


Richard Evelyn Byrd Bio:

Richard Evelyn Byrd was a U.S. naval officer, pioneer aviator, and polar explorer best known for his explorations of Antarctica using airplanes and other modern technical resources.

Byrd was one of the world’s foremost aviators and displayed extraordinary gifts in organizing successful expeditions to Antarctica. His major achievement was to apply the airplane, radio, camera, and other modern technical resources to these polar explorations. His five Antarctic expeditions made progressively greater use of ski-planes, ship-based seaplanes, and even helicopters (in 1946–47) to transport men and equipment and to carry out systematic reconnaissance and mapping programs using aerial photography.

Byrd wrote several books about his adventures. His first book, Skyward (1928), contains descriptions of his 1928–30 expedition to Antarctica, his flight to the North Pole, and his flight across the Atlantic. Little America (1930) is an official account of his aerial exploration in the Antarctic and his flight to the South Pole, and Alone (1938) describes his experiences at Bolling Advance Base. Byrd was extremely competent in public relations, and his expeditions were surrounded by a glare of publicity that made him a national hero and an internationally famous figure.


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