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Paris. It\’s the golden city.

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Paris. It\’s the golden city.

It’s the city of light; of joy; of an esteemed culture, consisting of literature, natural elegant food, and parks teeming with daily life.

And that won’t stop.

There is no gun shot, terrorist attack, unkind word, misaimed motive, or attempt to hurt, which can overcome the spirit of Paris.



At UniversalGiving™ we know that goodness prevails.

We know that opportunity changes life.

We know that giving hope changes…… how someone views the world, and their according actions.

That’s why we don\’t forget.  Our ongoing support of France isn’t only about our heartfelt wishes to Parisians. We must extend our reach beyond those borders to the people who are hurting as well: people without jobs, without opportunities, without education, hope, love, understanding, support, and reason. They might not have been given those models in their lives.

So let’s help them.

Today at UniversalGiving™ , we have curated hand selected opportunities by our NGO Services Leader, Matt Mayes. We are providing jobs, education, and setting in place long term life plans for people in need. That way, they will stay on course to giving, productive lives.

Mercy Corps is one of UniversalGiving\’s highest performing partners. Their efforts are invaluable in working to build productive and secure communities while responding to crisis around the world.
Miracles in Action is a parter taking enormous strides in the further means of educating and providing job training in the places it\’s needed most. Their project for providing scholarships to deserving children is especially important.

That’s the spirit from UniversalGiving! We are not here just to provide hand outs. We want people to have choice, opportunity, work, and hope. If you’ve ever needed a reason to give, here’s it is.

Rooting for the World,