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Paying Tribute to One of Our Oldest Foundations in America!

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It was 1907.  It came at a time when families weren\’t able to take care of all their children, and, growing societal needs.  It addressed a wide range of issues regarding poverty affecting children, the elderly, the disenfranchised.  Early on, its impact helped establish stronger reform in hospitals and prisons. We\’re honoring the Russell Sage Foundation as one of the earliest foundations whose goal was to serve the community in a broad manner, addressing numerous social ills.

Critically important, the Russell Sage Foundation helped formalize social work as a profession. They strove to understand why the poverty was occurring; how widespread it was; and took action to stop this growing trend.  How proud we should be of our Foundation community and the early pioneers who helped set official standards in both study and research, and, practical on-the-ground services, in order to serve our communities.

Since World War II, the Russell Foundation has now focused on the development of research and study regarding social sciences, allowing scholars to stay at the forefront of reform in social policy affecting our communities.

We honor The Russell Sage Foundation:  \”The Russell Sage Foundation, one of the oldest of America\’s general purpose foundations, was established in 1907 for \”the improvement of social and living conditions in the United States.\”