Living and Giving

\”Perseverance is failing 19 times and succeeding the 20th.\”

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When we were growing up, we watched The Sound of Music, as a Thanksgiving tradition every year after dinner. We still do!
Part of it because my mom is loyal, sweet fan of Julie Andrews who plays the staring role.  My mom also loves it because it is an inspiring story, and a perseverant story.
While The Sound of Music may not be mainstream today, it\’s story of sticking to one\’s values is timeless. If your country was taken over and your freedom was taken, you\’d be perseverant to get these treasures back. We don\’t take our country, culture our freedom for granted, especially when someone else tries to take it away from us.
Even more, Julie Andrews as a person faced tremendous challenges. \"ScreenNo matter how talented she was, she had to work so very hard and pursue relentlessly her desire to sing and act.  She was unjustly looked over for critical roles that she merited from an acting perspective.  And in a critical voice operation, she lost the ability to sing. Her beautiful voice was gone. She would never perform the same way again.
Yet positive Julie Andrews took up writing. She expressed her creativity through children\’s books, such as The Very Fairy Princess series,  which garnered rave review from Publishers Weekly, Children\’s Literature,and was #1 on the New York Times best seller list.
So whatever you are facing today, pick yourself up. You might have fallen down 3x.  It sounds like according to Julie you need to try another 13.  Get up and let\’s go!   🙂