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Poolside with Pamela: Interview with Incredible Musician Moby

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Moby Hopes the Environmental Movement will Further Education on Consequences of Animal Agriculture

I had the pleasure of meeting Moby at the Global Green Grants Gala in May of 2014. Listen in on what Moby has to say about what he would like to see from Global Green!




PH: Tell us what you would like to see, even from 2 years from now, with Global Green?

MOBY: Specifically with Global Green? Hm, that\’s a very broad question. That\’s a good question. One of my hopes is that the environmental movement will further educate people to the environmental consequences of animal agriculture. Even separate, I\’m a vegan, but separate from veganism, just how environmentally irresponsible it is for factory farming and animal-based agriculture. So that\’s one of my hopes. Is to continue education about that.

PH: Moby, what would you say is an environmentally conscious song, any favorites?

MOBY: An environmentally conscious song? I have no idea. I don\’t know what the criteria would be for an environmentally conscious song. I\’ll go with Imagine by John Lennon. Even though it\’s not specifically about environmentalism, it\’s a beautiful message.