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Poolside with Pamela: Michelle Branch on Music and Inspiration

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Listen in on what Michelle Branch has to say about music and the environment, at the Global Greengrants Gala in May 2014.

Based on FDR’s Fireside Chats, Poolside with Pamela is a monthly interview series with celebrities, CEOs and industry leaders. Poolside with Pamela highlights what influential people think is important in leadership and how they are giving back.


PH: Michelle, what is to you the most important environmentally conscious song?

MB: Song? Oh gosh, I don\’t even know. You stumped me. That\’s a really good question. Maybe I need to write it. I have no idea. I\’m trying to think of a song about saving water. Maybe I should write a song about California and water. 

PH: Michelle, what inspired you to music at an early age?

MB: Music was, it wasn\’t an option for me. I was singing since I could talk, and it was just kind of one of those things that I just always knew, I was going to grow up to do something involved with music. I didn\’t know in what capacity, so I kind of assumed I\’d be a Music Teacher, or something along the lines of that. And then I got discovered when I was 17, and here I am. 

PH: And why is the environment for you?

MB: The environment, the cause, is really important to me. I\’m a Mom and have a daughter who is 8 and half (years old). I often stay awake at night wondering what this world is going to look like when she\’s grown up. And if she decides to have children, and it\’s terrifying.