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Celebrity/CEO Interviews on Pamela

If you can\’t make it to see Pamela speak in person, you can still find interviews online.  We\’ll share links and details here for some of the interviews of Pamela that are available, and we\’ll keep adding as she does new ones!

Interview with Amy Vaccaro on Triple Pundit
January, 2011

In this interview Pamela discusses trends in CSR and volunteering, and the inspirations that led to UniversalGiving.  Watch the video!

NetSquared: The New Volunteerism
April, 2010

Pamela spoke on a panel at the NetSquared event, The New Volunteerism.  She discussed the future of volunteering and the importance of quality.  You can watch the video now!

Interview with JD Lasica on his Social Causes Show
January, 2010

Pamela was interviewed by JD Lasica for his radio show on Blog Talk Radio, discussing giving to Haiti in wake of the recent earthquake crisis, and about corporate social responsibility.  JD Lasica is one of the world\’s leading authorities on social media, and has been a consultant to both nonprofits and Fortune 500 companies.  He founded

Interview with The Get Inspired! Project
November, 2009

Pamela spoke with Toni Reece, creator of The Get Inspired! Project, about what in Pamela\’s life inspired her, and how she strives to be an inspiration to others.  Toni is the President of The PEOPLE Academy, Inc.  The goal of The Get Inspired! Project is to interview 365 people in 365 days to collect their amazing stories of inspiration.

Forum for Social Entrepreneurs, Keynote Address
October, 2009

Pamela presented the keynote address at the Forum for Social Entrepreneurs at Babson College.  ForSE brings together social innovators with leading business professionals, investors, donors, government officials, academics, and students. It is an opportunity to identify and recruit talent, meet potential partners to support your new idea, share best practices with peers, and interact with senior executives from Boston\’s leading companies, non-profit and social ventures, foundations, philanthropies, and beyond.
Video Coming Soon !

Jefferson Award Given by CBS
October, 2009

Pamela was honored to be a recipient of CBS\’s Jefferson Award, given to a Bay Area resident who\’s making a difference.  CBS came by the UniversalGiving offices to film, and interviewed Pamela about her vision for UniversalGiving and world change.  The segment aired on CBS in October, and can be viewed on the CBS website.

Interview with the Unreasonable Institute
October, 2009

Pamela had an interview with Teju Ravilochan of the Unreasonable Institute.  She discussed UniversalGiving\’s vision, methods, and impact.  The video and content is featured both on the SoCap Blog and the Unreasonable Blog.

e-Town\’s E-chievement Award
September, 2009

eTown is an exciting community sharing music and ideas.  They combine a passion for music with a passion for social change.   UniversalGiving was a recipient of their E-chievement Award.  This award celebrates people who are making a positive impact in their communities and beyond.  Pamela appeared on their radio show for an interview.

Interview on the Passions and Possibilities Radio Show
August, 2009

During each show, host Sue Oliver interviews bold, talented individuals who have made the leap fully into their passions and are experiencing success in their own terms.

Sue is a Passions and Possibilities coach who, through the radio show and her Life Sparks Coaching services, supports individuals and groups in making the next big leap into their dreams. The goal of the show is to inspire others who may be scared or discouraged about their own passion leap. Guests share their ups and downs as they stay committed to their dreams, regardless of circumstances.

Pamela shared with listeners her passions, successes, and lessons learned during her career thus far. She discussed founding UniversalGiving, obstacles that she has overcome, and the passion that drives her work.

Interview with BusinessBoomer, at The National Conference on Volunteering and Service
June, 2009

Pamela attended the National Conference on Volunteering and Service this year, held from June 22-24 in San Francisco.  It was an exciting gathering of more than 4,000 people from the philanthropy world, featuring speakers like Michelle Obama and Maria Shriver.  Pamela was able to connect with many wonderful people dedicated to giving and volunteering.  She also had the opportunity to speak about UniversalGiving and the importance of service with BusinessBoomer.

Interview with The Inter-American Development Bank
December, 2008

In December, Pamela presented at The Inter-American Development Bank\’s Corporate Social Responsibility Conference 2008, at Cartagena, Colombia, in December.  She had an excellent talk with Luis Alberto Moreno, the Bank\’s president, about giving, volunteering, community, and UniversalGiving\’s partnership with The Inter-American Development Bank, helping NGO\’s find necessary funding.

Presentation at the Craigslist Foundation\’s Nonprofit Boot Camp
August, 2006

In this presentation, Pamela describes her trials and successes in creating UniversalGiving.  She discusses her philosophy for approaching potential funding sources, and outlines activities that anyone starting a social entrepreneurial project must undertake. These include conducting due diligence, creating an advisory board, and obtaining advance funding.  She concludes by presenting the UniveralGiving website, and describes how typical projects are managed. She identifies some of the organization’s key clients and major accomplishments.

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