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“Records Are All Meant To Be Broken. I’m Just Happy It’s My Teammate And Nobody Else. And That I Got To Witness It In Person”- Steph Curry

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Did someone break your record? Did someone ascend higher than you?






… Were you able to celebrate it? Were you able to cheer them on?


“Records are all meant to be broken. I’m just happy it’s my teammate and nobody else. And that I got to witness it in person.”


What a model of a great leader who knows that doing the right thing, achieving our best, and cheering others on to do the right thing and achieve their best is the only way to go.






In this case, Klay Thompson, one of the star players of basketball’s Golden State Warriors has just broken the record for 3-pointers that Steph had broken in 2016 with 13 3-pointers. Klay had broken it to achieve 14 3-pointers in 2018. 


Are you able to cheer on your teammate when they achieve their best? Even if it’s better than yours? Be it that your teammate is a fellow coworker, your husband, your wife, your cousin, your sister, your brother, your neighbor, your former intern (who you used to coach) … we get the picture. No matter who it is, it’s our job to celebrate achievement and to cheer people on. And if we’re really good, we’ll be like Steph Curry when he says,

“…And I got to witness it in person.”


He was fully present to cheer on his teammate, Klay Thompson, as he broke his record. Then, they both achieved a record in doing their best and, in kindness.

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Fig. 1: Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash
Fig. 2: Photo Retrieved from Mercury News