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Reflections on the Castilleja Reunion Weekend

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I was so fortunate to go to a lovely school that nurtured me from 7th to 12th grade. Castilleja allowed me to focus on myself in an unselfed way.  I was taught to do my best, help others, and excel so I could help the world.

It remains one of the most treasured experiences of my life. When I go through a rough time, I think back to that time.  It\’s where a community encouraged you to go for it, and be surrounded in love while doing so.

Castilleja was beyond excellence in teaching. It was about excellence in life; a well rounded, giving life.  And it was a team of teachers, administrators, coaches, thought leaders and students who banded together to live this way, together.  I remain in contact with so many teachers and friends, which is indeed one of the greatest, lasting treasures in life.

I was recently so honored receive the Distinguished Alumna Award, and I gave it to my parents…

We are never made ourselves.  People, community and a whole host of positive forces help build you on your pathway up…down, middle and around.   These nurturing experiences, and people, stay with you, allowing you to remain on course with a gentle strength. That is what my parents and Castilleja have done, and are still doing for me today.

Here are a few pictures from the event!


Pamela and her parents at Castilleja for the Distinguished Alumna Award

I gave the award to my parents, who are my full inspiration…best friends with a spark. What a marriage they have, and family we have…


And here with my sister, too… she is amazing. I adore my family. So grateful!

Here are two more pictures from the ceremony…



Castilleja is an all girls middle and high school in Palo Alto, California.  The school offers an impressive breadth of choices not only in the academic curriculum, but also in sports, visual and performing arts, student activities, and community action, Castilleja is a place for girls to discover their passions and prepare for a lifetime of learning and leading.

Through the ACE Center (Awareness, Compassion, Engagement) girls are empowered  to effect positive change in the community both locally and globally.  ACE-facilitated experiences help students build skills and graduate with twenty-first century learning competencies. The guiding principles of reciprocal learning (share and learn), partnership, and ethical leadership are central to developing competencies in the areas of cultural understanding, communication and collaboration, assessment and evaluation, and problem-solving.