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Seeking Excellence and Offering Forgiveness

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This is a tough economy in California, with a 12.6% unemployment rate.  I am watching such smart, capable, ethical people search for employment with a very tough journey. And it compounds the situation when they are seeking a company of excellence in their chosen industry, one well known and with a strong brand, which also meets their expectation of values.  I admire each seeker who is striving to find that right fit which will allow him or her to contribute positively to themselves, the company and the world. 

One team member expressed grave concern over a company they had been pursuing who was well perceived within the community, but then seemed to be overcome with severe ethical issues.  It seemed to them that the company was now a complete failure.  Below was my response.

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Dear ______,* as you know, I am watching out for you and your adherance to values.  I agree that integrity is of utmost importance. As you know, I want you to find the right, and upright culture, which fits your values.  I admire your longstanding search to find a company that is well perceived in excellence in its work ethic, as well as excellence in values.

The article on COMPANY* speaks about its strong brand in this sector from a forprofit perspective, but not from a principled perspective. This is much of what we have talked about: Just because an organization is seen as best in class from a financial, forprofit sector perspective, does not mean that it has achieved a similar level in leadership and values. 

Having said that, we all make mistakes.  Recovery in life… is equally important. No failure in life is permanent. We all have areas we can improve, grow and recover.  And, I humbly say we should \”all be allowed to recover.\”  🙂

I hope that COMPANY does in fact achieve this new level of ethics and awareness.  It\’s one of the most beautiful and humbling events in life when we forgive others (as we\’ll often need to be forgiven as well.)  Equally important is allowing for people to improve and grow.  They can attain higher levels of truth, and learn to be better people, just as we are striving to do so in our own lives, too.

So my highest hope is that these very smart people will discover an equal intelligence in the area of both finance and integrity.  It doesn\’t mean you should join the firm. As you know I want the very best for you…  But we can still wish them well and hope they will learn, just as we are learning…

I admire your dedication to the truth and finding a firm which will fit with your principles. I have no doubt you will find it.  And I support you each step of the way and look forward to seeing where you eventually decide.  The company will benefit greatly from your sincere intentions, and you will thrive in their culture, making it a wonderful win-win.   Please keep me apprised and thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Best, Pamela

*The team member\’s name and the company\’s name have not been revealed in order to preserve privacy.