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She Didn\’t Need to Ask Him For Anything

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I have a group called my \”Spiritual Friends.\”  These are people with great hearts!  So we love to share inspiration.

Last night I read a prolific mini-biography on Catherine of Genoa, from the 15th century.


Her life was so different from the lives we live today.  She lived a very tough life, but, in the last part of her life — See how happy! How fulfilled!  How complete she is!   She is living and serving in Love. Her life is so complete, because she is fully loving.

So let\’s learn from her and from her life… Here\’s her brief story.

Catherine came from the prominent Italian Fieschi family. She originally wanted to join the convent.  Upon the death of her father at age 16, Catherine married a wealthy trader. He was also from prestige, having been connected to two Popes in his family.

It was not a happy union. He treated her most unkindly with a violent temper and relentless spending.  At times, she was distracted from her original spiritual devotion to God.


At one point in a church, she became so humbled and had a vision of conversion.  She became in constant union with God.  It was back to her original vision of wanting to be in a convent, in a way; she was tireless, obedient, loving. She became a mystic and saint, ministering to the poor with utmost servitude.

It was said about her: \”Her love for God was matched only by her love for others.\”

As you see below, she was so close to God — she didn\’t need to ask him for anything. 

\”May this be our prayer: \”I do not want to turn my eyes from you O God.   There I want them to stay and not move no matter what happens to me, within or without.\”

For those who trust in God need not worry about themselves. As I think about you, my spiritual children, I see that God\’s pure love is attentive to all your needs. It is because of his tender love I need not ask anything of God for you.\”  -Catherine of Genoa

Catherine of Genoa

Life\’s and Teachings
\”Her love for God was matched only by her love for others\”
Bio: Catherine of Genoa was born in Genoa in 1447. Following an unhappy and abusive marriage, she was converted to Catholicism during a confession. Catherine of Genoa became a saint recognized for her work among the sick and the poor.