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Smoking Being Banned Internationally. Australia, Panama, Western Europe, lead the way!

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You can\’t doubt the world is getting better.  Hope reigns regarding health.

While the World Health Organization says that 10% of deaths are caused by smoking, we can cheer that many rates are going down.

From The Economist:

  • Anti-smoking laws in Panama helped consumption per person plunge by 70%! 
  • In western Europe consumption per person fell by 42%
  • Australia requires plain packaging for its cigarettes and on May 28th Ireland’s health minister said he was planning a similar ban

Health can first be maintained by a positive mind, keeping our thoughts pure. Then, we can make sure we are taking care of ourselves,  and not causing damage unnecessarily.  In all situations, we must believe in progress and strive relentlessly towards it — just like Panama.

Panama, thank you for leading the way!