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Social Actions and UniversalGiving Partner

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I\’m excited to announce that UniversalGiving recently began partnering with Social Actions.  Social Actions is a site designed to help people find ways to make a difference, in whatever way is right for them.  You can search by topic and by action type, to find the perfect way to help the cause you care about.  That could mean signing a petition about green energy or volunteering with children in Africa.  UniversalGiving is very pleased to join Social Actions\’ 50+ action sources, so that we can provide our quality giving and volunteering opportunities through Social Actions.

UniversalGiving has also joined the Social Actions community, and we look forward to connecting with even more people interested in taking action to bring about social change.  Ultimately it\’s about the connections: about connecting to people we can work together with, and about connecting with the people we want to serve.  Whether it\’s the blogger in New York who helps us spread the word, or the girl in Nepal who goes to school because of a generous donation, it\’s so important to form, value, and acknowledge those human connections.

There are so many different ways to give.  It\’s inspiring to see thousands of these ways brought together in one place, in the hopes that all the people who want to give will be able to find the perfect way for each of them.