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Social Purpose Is the New Social Status: Wear, Drive, Eat and Live Your Purpose

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You are someone who is making the world a better place by changing how you live, day by day!

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Social Purpose is the New Social Status

*   83% of respondents are willing to change consumption habits if it can help make the world a better place.

*   Twice as many people would prefer a hybrid car (67%) to a luxury car (33%). Japan and France prefer hybrids the most (89% and 84% respectively).

*   69% would rather have a brand that supports the livelihood of local producers over a luxury brand (31%).

*   70% would prefer to live in an environmentally-friendly home as opposed to 30% who would opt for merely a large house.

*   Of the people who joined a cause on a social-networking site and/or followed a cause on a micro-blogging site, 47% (88% in China) became more involved in a good cause after learning about it on a site such as Facebook or Twitter.

Source: Edelman