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Start Up or Continue Mode?

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\"rsz_pyramidIf you\’re in Silicon Valley, the big word on the street is \”Start Up Mode.\” It\’s cool, it\’s hip and it\’s new. If you\’re in Start Up Mode that indicates you\’re doing something innovative —  and people\’s ears will perk up.

But I\’d like to talk today about one of the most important Modes. And some see it as less attractive.  It\’s what I call \”Continue Mode.\” 

Continue Mode is about the sure, steady building of something valuable.  The most important, enduring and meaningful things in life are those at which you work at bit by bit, step by step.  It may take a long time. The \”rush\” wears off, but the steady commitment is there.

Many people many not see how hard you have worked for years.  And years. In the long run, the fruit of your labors are revealed. People will see your success sometimes after five, eight, ten years.

Continue Mode is about enduring value.   It\’s not \”talking\” about Start Up Mode. Most people don\’t talk about Continue Mode and it isn\’t easily covered in the press. It\’s about doing, and often doing silently. It\’s about perseverance and fortitude.  And it\’s doing what\’s right even when no one is watching and building something that inspires you.

This is called \”Building a Long-Term Business.\”  And that\’s what we call \”Continue Mode.\”  It\’s the makings of a 50 year marriage, the building of an Egyptian pyramid, or of the company Amazon, existing through many trials.

Determine what is important to you…. And get into Continue Mode today!