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Starting the New Year? Don\’t Miss These Tips in Working with Your CEO

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\"addtext_com_MTIxMTIwODQxMg\"Fast Company: How to Work With a CEO

CEOs have to run a company. As such they have pressure to meet financial goals, build a strong team, and advance their products, often all over the world. If you are working for a CEO, I\’ve provided some helpful tips about what can build a great relationship. I hope you enjoy.

In any CEO/team member relationship, it\’s important that there\’s a mutual level of respect and understanding. The CEO should understand that each person is valuable within the team and plays an important role, likewise the team member should respect and understand the CEO has many areas they need to cover in a day, often operating under pressure. With that in mind here are some tips on working effectively with CEOs:
1. Think about when you approach the CEO.
If you have access, you check the CEO\’s calendar first. Do they have four back-to-back meetings that day? Can you see if there is a significant meeting with a board member? Then it might not be the best day to approach them. Try to find some time where they appear to be unscheduled.
2. Questions are good.
Questions are good and CEOs welcome them. We want to know what isn\’t clear, how to make things better. A good tip here is to gather all of your questions at once and then approach the CEO with them rather then one off questions throughout the day. This helps provide efficient communication for the CEO which are also helpful.
3. We all make mistakes.
We all make mistakes and so it\’s okay if you do. CEOs should be compassionate about that. The challenges, and if they\’re good, they will see it as a Lesson Learned. What can we learn from this and how can we build in operations that it won\’t happen again? We use it as an experience that is helpful and inspires growth in an individual team member, as well as for the organization.
If the same mistake happens repeatedly then it is no longer a lesson learned,  it\’s just a mistake and can be seen as carelessness. Show the CEO that you have listened to their feedback thoughtfully and taking action. It\’s not just because the CEO said it, it\’s because it will strengthen the organization and everyone\’s teamwork.