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Stop For Pink Fire                                                                                             Carmel, California

I will stop for pink fire.
Through the Monterey trees, at the edge of a reefed ocean, a sky lit – – pinked, golden clouds above me and horizoned.

I was out for a walk among the homes, not even expecting it, and as I walked near the ocean, the gold reached out to me. I stopped. Every one stopped. Walkers stilled; cars pulled to the side. We watched and it grew more brilliant. And we more humble.

With most sunsets there is a \”peak time.\” For two minutes you see the sun orb melt into the ocean, knowing it is really the turning of our world. The line is thinning color across the border between ocean, sky.

But tonight the whole sky was involved.
Clouds above reached out beyond the ocean edge.
Some clouds large and puffed; others elongated, fleeced.
But all contributed a pink fire, which grew all more golden. As minutes and more passed.

As I stood there in my gaze, a passerby smiled, \”It\’s not real.\”

But it is. In that reality rests a beauty and Truth unvanishing. I will remember when the sun leaves me tonight; I\’ll carry this pink fire in my mind. It becomes my standard, my hope: an expectation of glory in our world. I will cherish it in my mind – and when I meet it again – I will stop for pink fire.

11/25/95 Carmel, at the point, very near our beautiful and special Hawley home. With Mom and Dad Thanksgiving weekend. Dad and I rode our bikes!