Living and Giving

Taking Care of My Own Country

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What inspires me each day is positively affecting one other person, bit by bit, each day.  I lead UniversalGiving which helps thousands of people donate and volunteer all across the world.  But giving in my day-to-day to those right by me — is just as important.

Sometimes this might be a humorous story I\’d share with a colleague while getting tea at the start of the day. Later in the morning I took time to write a brief note to a struggling volunteer of ours, stating \”I believe in you.\” I wrote it with a bright blue color, folded it over and handed it to her and walked right by so she could open it privately.   This afternoon I\’ll take care of my sister\’s kids, so she and her husband can have a date night. I always bring a treat to leave on their pillow (parents\’ included) and this time it\’s little special chocolate with toffee and almonds.

So while I lead a service that leverages getting thousands of others to donate money and volunteer, connecting people to give of themselves country to country, I try to make sure that my \”own country\” is well replenished with little gifts of giving, be it in a positive attitude, a kind word, a thank you note.  Whether it\’s my home, my work, walking, or driving en route, I hope giving can just be a part of my natural day. It certainly keeps me on my toes!