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\”Technology Married with the Humanities Makes Our Hearts Sing\” – Steve Jobs

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No leader is perfect. Steve Jobs had an excellent vision, as well as his own challenges that he needed to work though. Yet we can glean positive lessons from leaders out there, that help us become better people.

One of the key successes of Steve Jobs’ vision was the melding of technology and empathy. He understood that technology needed to be personal. It needed to be fun. It needed to engage and make you want to be on your iPad or your iPhone.

“It’s in Apple’s DNA that technology alone is not enough. It’s technology married with liberal arts, married with the humanities, that yields the results that make our hearts sing.\” – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs (1955-2011) is best known as the co-founder of Apple, which pioneered the personal computer, and is known also for the iPod and the iPhone.  He was a co-founder and chief executive of Pixar Animation Studios.  Jobs is highly regarded for his foresight and innovation, and is listed on 342 patents.