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Thank Goodness I Didn’t Miss That Drive

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I was receiving a ride to a dinner for a Political Science Dinner I was invited to at Duke. I was a PoliSci major at Duke, and loved it. The reason why I fell in love with it is because it taught me how to think, write about, view, synthesize information and form important points of view and opinions, a skill I would need for the rest of my life. It taught me how to think about the world and all the critical, dire situations we face…


Duke had offered to have my former professor Albert Eldridge pick me up at the hotel. Yet I was already near the restaurant. I could just meet them there. However, I listened to the voice inside and went back to the hotel. I was properly picked up by Professor Eldridge, so we could drive together.

Thank goodness I didn’t miss that drive. I would have missed the ride of my life. My longtime professor Albert Eldridge, who had taught Foreign Relations for 45 years, picked me up in his car. During those 12 minutes, we shared what thinking about the world meant to us, authentic news, and how to live in turbulent times.  While the dinner was special, a one-on-one with my old professor was an intimate reconnection with a super intelligent, kind man who taught about the world for four and a half decades. I told him:

Professor Eldridge, what a joy to ride to and from the restaurant with you.

Your insights, humor and kind demeanor made such a special mark on my head and heart.

It was funny, because I was near the restaurant that afternoon. I thought I could call and say I would meet you all there.  It would be less work for you all.

But I heard: This is a special time.  I know it\’s not as \’efficient\’ but let them pick you up.   \”Don\’t miss that ride with your Professor Eldridge.\”

It was one of the most special parts; your kind, humble brilliance (and humor) is a joy to be around.   I hope when I am there in September, I can take you out to dinner or lunch and have you \”to talk at me\” about your view of the world for hours! 🙂

The dinner was so special with such fruitful conversation. I felt so honored to spend so much time with you all of you!


Don’t miss that car ride.  Don’t miss the special connection — it’s not just about the dinner, it’s about the 12-minute connection before!



Love and Be With People,




Professor Albert Francis Eldridge, Jr. received his Bachelor’s degree at the College of William and Mary and his Doctorate at the University of Kentucky, Lexington. He worked at Duke for 45 years, teaching both graduate and undergraduate students about Foreign Relations. The Political Science program at Duke is ranked among the top ten in the country. He also worked for some time as administrative staff at Duke. Professor Eldridge passed away March 16, 2017.