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\”That incident taught me to think independently and is giving me courage even today.\” – Prithvi Mattur

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At UniversalGiving, we ask important questions of our Interns and Returnees during the interview process.  It helps us understand more of who they are and their motivations. We can then provide them a superior Internship or Returnship experience. It also helps them gain clarity and purpose as to why they are joining us.
Below is from new team member Prithvi Mattur. She\’s from India, and helping us with our Executive Assistance and Social Media.
Here\’s her answer to one important question:
Please tell us a challenge you faced and what you learned from the experience
\”A very common problem an Indian girl faces is discrimination. Women in the Indian society have been considered as inferior to men for many years. Due to such inferiority, I  have to face various issues and problems in my life. I am an Indian classical singer and I wanted to audition at National Radio Station. I was not allowed to audition or sing on TV (because I was a girl). This time I didn’t keep quiet and I went to the audition without anybody’s permission. I took a very bold step, which resulted in my selection. Out of 300 people only 4 were selected and I was one among them. From that incident, I learnt not to withhold my desire to achieve something in my life. That incident taught me to think independently and is giving me courage even today.\”
May we all have the courage of Prithvi. May you accept that challenge today — and break down the barrier you are facing.
Do not do it just for yourself, people need your example. Everyone\’s life helps others have courage, have hope.
You can make that  8 mile hike.  You can make an intimidating sales call.  You can fight the discrimination, forgive the person you think you can\’t, love the neighbor you just don\’t think you can.  
Yes you can.
Get up on that stage, just like Prithvi, please.