Living and Giving

The Balance of Business and Service

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Last March, I posted on this blog about a contribution I had written for the book, The People\’s New Deal: Creating a New Civilization through Social Entrepreneurship, edited by Patrick U. Petit and Marianne Obermueller.  I\’m pleased to announce that the book has since been published, and is available for purchase.

My essay is titled \”The Balance of Business and Service.\”  You can read the writing I posted previously, in three sections.  In Part One, I discuss what inspired me to become a social entrepreneur.  In Part Two, I talk about what led me to found UniversalGiving, and some key components of our service.  In Part Three, I examine how social entrepreneurship has evolved, and share my key questions to ask and top factors of good social entrepreneurs.

I hope you enjoy reading.  I\’m so pleased and honored to have been a part of this project.