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\”The Best Way You Can Help Another Person\” – Grey T. Full

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\”The Best Way You Can Help Another Person\”

-Grey T. Full

Life can be so simple. What is its purpose? To help care for others.

There are so many ways we can help another person. It\’s one thing to help someone across the street, to move apartments, or to think through a job transition. And it\’s awfully nice when we think positive thoughts about someone. I am convinced they feel it. And it is feeding the universe with peace.

Even deeper is the desire to pray for others. Sometimes it\’s the only way and the best way to reach them.

This is an excerpt on prayer that I thought would share, describing how one could pray. It is, \”The Best Way You Can Help Another Person\” by Grey T. Full

I love helping people through prayer. It is my honor to listen to others and serve God. I hope to respond in the moment from God, without having to think much humanly. Due to all my development work and management in business, I\’ve experienced so many situations. I don\’t feel caught off guard by any revealing, but feel led by God.

Helping is about: Kind listening… focus on God\’s children… compassion… but ability to bring it back to God\’s plan and that He is in control.

When you pray for others, you are also strengthening yourself. You strengthen your relationship with God, your trust in God. You proclaim God\’s trust and power at all times. You strengthen your faith and put it into action. I firmly believe each prayer strengthens the entire kingdom, not just one person.

I hurt for people. I\’m very sensitive in heart… sometimes, I want it to go away. I wish I could take away their pain. But that\’s too much, for that\’s God\’s realm. We should pray, trust, and let go.

So then helping others is a strong mix… It\’s about being enthusiastic, positive, joyful, and supportive. But it can also shift to quiet, strong, listening, and compassion. We should adjust to each situation.

So how do I know how to pray? I have grown up with the Christ and God from my beloved Mom praying and instructing me, and I know she has prayed before an since I was born. I love God and Jesus, pray to them every day and night, and am trying to make it happen more throughout the day. That is a big goal of mine – to feel their presence at every moment. What would it be like to feel the presence of God before and during every meeting, each time spent with friends, during the symphony, while we are gardening, canning tomatoes, taking a hike, filling the dishwasher, writing a press release, watering the flowers, driving a 2 hour commute, deciding who to let in for admissions, caring for an ailing uncle.

Finally, the best way to help others, and ourselves: Do we think of God during the day, during our joyful times?

Yes, He should be adored, prayed to, expressed gratitude for all the good, too! He is not just a God of need. He is a God of Love.