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The Canals in Venice Are so Still, Dolphins and Swans Are Returning for the First Time in Years!

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It\’s so wonderful to see!

The Canals in Venice Are so Still, Dolphins and Swans Are Returning for the First Time in Years! That is remarkable and such a wonderful visual! I love how our climate is succeeding. That is a word we should use; we should expect our climate to succeed.

Fish, swan, and dolphins have returned to Venice. As the waters calm and fewer people are there… there is a tremendous sense of Returning to nature. The earth is returning to animals, equally, as to Humans.


As humans, we don\’t have a right to take over all the canals, stir up the water, overpopulate it, and allow it to become murky.


We overload our Italian waters with tourists… indicating they are prime over the habitat.

Yet we know how to honour our earth. Let nature shine. We can lessen our impact, up-level nature\’s natural existence. It\’s amazing when we let go of all our consumerism, we don\’t have to do anything.

Nature just comes out on its own.


It doesn\’t need our help.


It knows just what to do!


While there are challenges in our world, we must understand and recognise there are great opportunities. There are opportunities to cleanup, clarify nature, and and ensure environments are successful. Let\’s get out of the way. Let\’s let Nature be at its best.

Now, for us: How Can I Honour Nature Today In my Own World?

We can make some small and big differences in our current habitat:

  • Could you clean up trash in your neighbourhood?
  • Let the water run a little less?
  • Can you reuse items you already have?

There are so many ways to change the world in small and significant ways!

I can\’t wait to hear what you are doing! Please share below.

Let\’s Let Nature Shine,

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