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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”A Fit Soul\” – Dominic Novak

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\”I learned that a fit body is nothing without a fit soul.\”


– Dominic Novak




Dominic Novak is the owner and founder of Peak 360, previously called Peak Physique, in Greenwich, Connecticut. He has been in the fitness industry, training clients, for over 25 years. He started Peak Physique, Inc in 1993, which is currently the largest personal training center on the East Coast. He holds a Bachelor\’s of Science in Health Fitness from Springfield College. Dominic has trained athletes, celebrities and clients of all ages. His passion is guiding clients, helping them to reach their fitness goals with his steady persistence and tireless effort. He has wrttten a book called H.E.A.L., which is about a 30-day spirit, mind and body cleanse. He’s working on a second book called Empower 30. He’s married to Dana Novak and they have two daughters together. They actually run Peak 360 together.