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The Classic Pamela Positive: Be Kind, For Everyone, You Meet Is Fighting A Silent Battle – Philo of Alexandria

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\”Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a silent battle\” 

Philo of Alexandria

Hellenistic Jewish philosopher

Someone is off today.


They really weren\’t nice to you.


But you can be a great leader.. .and see beyond that.   


Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a silent battle 


So you can understand… that there might be something else going on. 

You can be compassionate.  

You can see their perspective, even if you don\’t know exactly what it is… seeing their perspective you might realise they:

Had a tough early childhood

Unloving parents

An unkind sibling


They lost their job 

They just don\’t feel well

Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a silent battle 

There are so many things that might not be well with their heart.  

And so we can be compassionate, and love them through it, no matter how they treat us.   

I\’m Seeing Your Perspective, 



Philo of Alexandria, a Hellenized Jew also called Judaeus Philo, is a figure that spans two cultures, the Greek and the Hebrew. When Hebrew mythical thought met Greek philosophical thought in the first century B.C.E. it was only natural that someone would try to develop speculative and philosophical justification for Judaism in terms of Greek philosophy. Thus Philo produced a synthesis of both traditions developing concepts for future Hellenistic interpretation of messianic Hebrew thought, especially by Clement of Alexandria, Christian Apologists like Athenagoras, Theophilus, Justin Martyr, Tertullian, and by Origen. He may have influenced Paul, his contemporary, and perhaps the authors of the Gospel of John (C. H. Dodd) and the Epistle to the Hebrews (R. Williamson and H. W. Attridge). In the process, he laid the foundations for the development of Christianity in the West and in the East, as we know it today. 

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