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The Classic Pamela Positive: Celebrate the Beauty of Balance!

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Were all here to help each other, and part of that is supporting balance. And one of the ways we can do this is to encourage your team to share their goals outside of work. In so doing, this will help your organizations mission, too.






Its important to have outside lives and interests. You have to begin by recognizing those first for yourself.  Your team will see you modeling this balance and how it makes you a whole, fully giving person.






Why do we try to encourage our team to have outside interests, and to share their goals? We know UniversalGiving cant be everything for everyone (even me). Balance helps keep people energized and refreshed. They maintain strong critical thinking skills and positive energy. Your team also feels they can be transparent about what their goals are.






As CEO, I love to hear about the other interests.  How can we help further them? One person wants to be a writer. Another wants to go into aerospace. If I know this, perhaps someday I can help them.






I can watch out for a person or introduction that might be beneficial. Or even in a small way, I can find a helpful article in my daily journey of reading.

So first, were all here to help each other; thats the first, right motive.  Yet it will amaze you how much it energizes your organization, and propels your vision forward.  






You commit to the entire person, and they will also trust and commit to you, giving their all when they are working.  Most importantly, it honors the other person holistically, just as you would want to be honored.