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The Classic Pamela Positive: Communicate With More Than Words

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It is so amazing to me that when we communicate, the words really ‘come in third place.’

What’s first and second?


First is the tone. If we are abrasive, affrontive, sarcastic then it doesn’t open up the conversation and action for change.

Calm, proactive, inclusive, even — “slow” — conversations help provide dynamic change. It sounds as if it is an oxymoron. But allowing the participants to breathe in the interaction helps bring about the best and most inclusive solutions for all parties.


Second then is body language. If our body is open, or hunched over, our shoulders upright or slumped, communicates a world of information! And yes, most significantly is your “face language.” A frown or a smile will tell all, and make or break someone’s day!


Third come the words. This is actually not our main way to communicate. For us, we must take care that tone and face and body communicate positivity. There are no words that will make up for a frown. 🙂

So yes, choose your words carefully and positively, and match them with a welcoming posture and smile.

Now, you are on your way to being a great communicator!

Communicate Positively,


Images: Fig¹.  Photo by Gradikaa Aggi on Unsplash, Fig².  Photo by Helena Lopes on Pexels, Fig³.  Photo by Christina Morillo on Pexels