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The Classic Pamela Positive: \”Courage Is Not the Absence of Fear, But Rather the Judgment That Something Else Is More Important Than Fear.\” – Ambrose Redmoon

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\"skydiving-603639_640\"\”Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear.\”

– Ambrose Redmoon

What\’s more important than fear?


And that is what my grandmother Oma taught me, about the gift of Giving of Yourself, while on stage.  Let\’s not be fearful about what the audience thinks; instead, we should focus on giving to our audience.

Oma was an amazing flute performer and teacher, one of the first women flutists at Julliard School.  She always told me: \”It\’s ok to have the butterflies. Just make them fly in formation.\”  (More about Oma in my past entry “Go on now and get out there immediately.”)

Courage is beautiful:  It overcomes our focus on us. Instead, we are thinking about giving of ourselves, rather than what people think of ourselves. Let\’s ensure courage takes over and rules in our thoughts today.

Make Your Butterflies Fly Together!


Ambrose Redmoon (born James Neil Hollingworth, 1933–1996) was a beatnik, hippie, writer, and former manager of the psychedelic folk rock bands Quicksilver Messenger Service and Ace of Cups.  Not much is known about Redmoon but what is known is he was among the authors for the 1991 issue of the now-defunct magazine Gnosis: A Journal of the Western Inner Traditions.  Redmoon contributed his article “No Peaceful Warriors!” (featuring his famous quote on courage) to that magazine and corresponded to the magazine publishers Jay Kinney and his wife Dixie Tracy-Kinney only by mail.  Redmoon also wrote poetry, plays, and was occult editor of the original staff of Rolling Stone magazine.  He has a daughter, Alexandra Carnacchi.

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